Rokamat USA
328 8th Avenue
Suite 160
New York, NY 10001-4857
(646) 450-4568

For more than 25 years, Rokamat of Germany has designed and manufactured innovative power tools to make work easier for the professional painter, plasterer, and drywaller. Click here for the latest product information direct from Germany.

Rokamat "Chameleon" Power Rasp, Trowel, Float

  • Makes workers 3x more productive
  • Variable speed from 100-600 RPM for the right balance between speed and control
  • Dual counter rotating 8" discs for smooth operation and 16" path
  • Clean cutting action for smoother walls with fewer critical sunlight effects
  • Vac removes loose rasping residue for better adhesion and keying
  • Velcro plates for long-lasting metal abrasive discs or inexpensive disposable paper abrasives
  • Available accessories include cleaning pads, floats, trowels, and wallpaper removers
  • Stainless bearings and metal abrasive discs can work wet or dry
  • One year warranty

Rokamat "Wet" Plaster Finishing Machine (Long Neck Power Float)

  • 13" sponge, rubber, felt, flat and perforated plastic float discs
  • 120-350 RPM
  • Long neck for reaching high without scaffolds
  • Produces smoother finish far more quickly than hand work
  • One year warranty